Translation system

Prevent a language barrier

If you organize meetings such as shareholders’ meetings, international congresses, or events with foreign participants. You probably recognize the problem that if you do not use the right system, the conference will not be easy to follow for everyone. A language barrier arises.

This isn’t very pleasant for you as an organizer, but also for the visitors or participants because they cannot follow precisely the content of the meeting. Every visitor would like to have a chat and this is most comfortable in their language. Prevent a language barrier by purchasing a translation system. This makes your meeting understandable to everyone. A translation system is possible for up to 32 different languages!


The technology behind a translation system

For each language combination (for example, Dutch → English and English → Dutch), there is a two-person translation booth that meets the European standard. Two interpreters will be seated here. They are equipped with headphones and a microphone. Because the cabins are provided with a digital system, they guarantee perfect reception. The simultaneous interpreter immediately translates the text to the room via the microphone. The translation is broadcast via radiators to the headphones that the audience is wearing. Each visitor has a reception box so that the visitor can receive their desired translation.


Why Heuvelman?

Heuvelman has excellent experience in installing and applying translation systems. We recently provided a translation system for a huge conference, using no fewer than 32 different channels. This allowed every congress participant to follow in the language of his or her choice. This actively stimulated information sharing.

Are you interested in using a translation system, or would you like to know more? Then do not hesitate to contact us.

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