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Communication from our studios

Heuvelman has fully equipped professional studios at there head office in IJsselstein. The studios are supplied with all the audiovisual facilities you need to organize your event, training, workshop, or webinar.

To be able to receive more guests within the 1.5 meter directive we offer several professional spaces that have the possibility to be digitally connection to each other and if desired to the outside world. This makes it possible to organize safe and efficient event.

Heuvelman studio cases

Heuvelman  - motiv-livestream-studio Heuvelman - Studio

MOTIV | Interactive talkshow

For a week, Rens de Jong (BNR news radio, RTL-Z) and table guest Bastiaan Bakker provided an interactive online show every morning from our studio.

Keynotes were made from key opinion formers, technology partners and interactive post-talk sessions with speakers which were shared with the audience at home.

Heuvelman  - enactus-livestream-studio Heuvelman - Studio

Enactus | Live-show

Instead of live on stage Enactus decided to host there annually event online from our studio. During an exciting 2-hour facebook live show, viewers could follow 4 combatant teams who participated via a live video connection, and were juggled by 40 online jury members.

The jury results were brought to life by processing the results live in an augmented reality environment, combined with the live video connection of the teams.

Heuvelman  - apollo-livestream-studio

Apollo/Leonardo Hotel Group | Chat and poll

Apollo/Leonardo Hotel Group gave its customers and prospects the opportunity to gain insight into the online meeting possibilities.

The approach of the webinar was to give visitors the possibility to ask questions online via the chat and poll function and to give their opinion about statements or asked questions.

Heuvelman  - livestream-studio-inrev

INREV | External speakers

After a successfull webinar in July, INREV decided it was time for a sequel webinar.

During this second edition, two participants were present in our studio. Via a dubble WebEx meeting three online speakers gave a short presentation and were submitted at the debate.

The online participants had the opportunity to ask questions to the speakers and panelists, trough the chat.

Heuvelman  - livestream-studio-nvvp

NVVP | Webinar

We converted a reading to a webinar. At the peak, 2.100 members watched the livestream. They were able to ask questions which were answered immediately.

Heuvelman ensured that the online visitors could watch live and without any problems and that the stream would be available on demand so it could be watched again after the broadcast.

Heuvelman  - heuvelman-livestream-studio Heuvelman - Studio

Choose your own location | Eventstreaming

Of course we can also unburden you at your chosen location. Safely, at a distance, and with one purpose; we will ensure that physical and/or online attendees can interact successfully.

We will advise and support you on your journey to a successfull streaming event and of course ensure a flawless performance.

Heuvelman Studio

In this time of the corona virus, we offer various solutions in our studios or at your location.

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