Social areas

A place where colleagues can get together

Create an inspiring environment for colleagues to get together. A place where there is not only room for consultation and meetings. But also to talk about the weekend and unwind. Together with Heuvelman’s audiovisual applications, you create a social area that meets today’s modern requirements.

Good sound and beautiful images

A minimal requirement for a modern, inspiring social area is good sound and beautiful images. This enables you to provide your colleagues with presentation options or update them on the daily news. The social area must be accessible and comfortable. In this way you create a pleasant space for colleagues to meet.

Huddle Room

The huddle room is a new trend at the office. A space where colleagues can discuss and share ideas in a comfortable, accessible way. Usually this kind of space is intended for between 3 and 6 people These small rooms need to be equipped with the right facilities that promote collaboration. Think not only of comfortable furniture and a homely atmosphere, but also of a good screen, wireless presentation options, the possibility of video conferencing and good sound. Heuvelman is your ideal partner for this. Together we stimulate productivity and we make work more effective.

Stay informed

Make sure your colleagues stay informed about your company. By placing a social media wall you can easily provide your colleagues with information. You can manage the content on this social media wall based on one or more hashtags. Not only can you display your own generated content here, but other users can also post, as long as they use your hashtag.

Inspire with audiovisual solutions

Inspiration can be found when people just don’t think about the subject in question. Offer your employees a form of relaxation by making fun gadgets and playful concepts available in the social area. Examples include an audiovisual cargo bike or a virtual reality adventure.

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