Meeting and presenting

Supporting equipment for any type of meeting

Heuvelman is a specialist in providing permanent audiovisual meeting facilities. You can come to Heuvelman for your meeting rooms, meeting rooms and boardrooms. We find the most suitable facilities for every type of room and meeting style. Our organisation is happy to advise you on how you can best achieve the communication objectives of your organisation for meetings.

Adequate facilities for your presentation

For important presentations, adequate audiovisual facilities are of great importance in order to properly convey the message that you communicate to your target group. You do not have to worry about whether the presentation can be shown on the large screen or whether the sound in the room works. With the services of Heuvelman, you are always assured of properly functioning equipment in your conference room, boardroom, or meeting room. Our working method for this is based on years of experience in the industry.

With today’s technology, people no longer have to come together physically to work effectively together. Remote collaboration, independent of time and place, is increasingly supported by audiovisual systems, and therefore also more popular.

Heuvelman offers you the possibility to set up your meeting rooms in such a way that you can also use them to work together remotely. With video conferencing as a base, you can also use these systems to collaborate on one on-screen project at the same time, make real-time adjustments and share content with your colleagues. This way you are flexible and independent. Another advantage is that collaboration increases the involvement of participants. With the Heuvelman collaboration solutions, your meetings will be more streamlined, intuitive and creative!


Confidence in Heuvelman installations

Be assured of good audiovisual facilities for your meetings and presentations. Your meeting room, boardroom and meeting rooms will have the most modern facilities with the input of Heuvelman. Heuvelman is happy to think proactively with you.

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