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Heuvelman is a well-known service provider within the (international) hotel industry. On the one hand we offer audiovisual support for events, congresses and meetings and on the other hand we provide hotels with fixed solutions in the audiovisual field. We are happy to help you with your requirements to realise your ambitions for the future.

Event Services in your hotel

Heuvelman is an expert in the field of providing light, sound and vision during events that are organised in your hotel. Our organisation also knows like no other how to create content and develop audiovisual concepts that take your clients’ meetings to a higher level.

Create a hospitable environment

In addition to temporary, audiovisual total solutions, Heuvelman can also advise you about your fixed installation. In this way you are assured of good audiovisual facilities at all times. Think of technology for your meeting rooms, ballrooms and the signage in your hotel. You can inform your guests in real-time via this fixed installation. The development of innovative audiovisual concepts, specifically for your hotel or for convincing your clients, is a permanent part of our service.

Moderne hospitality communication

Smart hospitality televisions contribute to a hospitable experience and reception. With the arrival of special televisions for this industry, a new world opens up for you and your guests. The new generation of smart hospitality televisions are fully connected to the internet and provided with an information and entertainment platform on which guests can inform themselves extensively. The televisions are specifically developed for locations where guests are received. This is a response to the increasing demands in the field of image quality, user-friendliness, interactivity and entertainment.

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