Flex workplace management

Provides control with optimal occupancy

The new way of working is a vision that has been around for a long time but is more topical than ever, because of COVID-19. Working from home is the new “standard”, and it is necessary to work independently of time and place. For many organizations, this means a quick and unexpected introduction of flexible working.

Your office prepared with the right solution

In the 1.5-meter society, probably half or even more of the workplaces cannot be used. Workspace capacity is therefore limited, making flexibility and efficiency crucial.

To enable your office to meet the one and a half meter economy, Heuvelman and its partner Dutchview offer an application: FlexWhere, a solution that ensures that employees can quickly and easily see which workplaces and meeting rooms are available. With the push of a button, you can reserve a workplace while the system takes into account the 1.5-meter distance.

Everything at a glimpse

The workplace application of FlexWhere makes it clear which buildings and floors have many or few free workplaces, and it is possible to reserve workspaces in advance. As soon as the reservation starts, the workplace changes from green (available) to yellow (reserved). When the employee takes a seat, the workplace is colored red (occupied). Does the employee not show up? Half an hour after the set time, the workplace turns green again. To secure the 1.5-meter, it is possible to block workplaces virtually. Organizations themselves indicate which agencies are blocked and which are not. The employee will see in the application that a workplace may not be used.

The FlexWhere application can be used on laptops and desktops, also, as an app for tablets and smartphones from Apple and Android.

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