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Make meetings crystal clear

A meeting can be difficult if you are dealing with many people. Everyone likes to have their say, and it is not convenient if all this will be done together. You can think of a discussion system for this. A discussion system improves the speech intelligibility of the participants without having to raise their voices. This way, everyone can concentrate on the content of the discussion, which increases the involvement and effectiveness of your meeting.


Which discussion system?

You can choose from various types of discussion systems. You can opt for a simple system in which every ‘chair’ in the room is provided with a discussion post. Or you can choose a wireless option with an integrated interactive touchscreen so that relevant information can be easily retrieved.

I am not technical? Can I use this system?

The meeting system is designed by Heuvelman, making it easy to operate. It is easy to operate by using a touch panel, even for those who have little or no technical knowledge.

Why Heuvelman?

Heuvelman has much experience with installing discussion systems. Together we look for a suitable solution for the area of your company. The conference systems offer an exceptionally high degree of functionality and freedom in both small and large spaces. The system is adapted to your discussion needs: from a basic installation without an administrator to a fully interactive voting system with a large screen display.

Are you interested in installing a discussion system? Please contact Heuvelman, and we will help you further.

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