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With Digital Signage, or Narrowcasting, you communicate with your target audience via screens. Examples include screening presentations, photos, videos and information such as live widgets with current news, weather and traffic. But social media and live streams are also possible.

With the extensive Solutions Portal from Heuvelman (HMSL) we offer tailor-made solutions for companies in every environment. You can create and update templates and plan content from any location and at any time. The portal is compatible with a large number of display types, browsers and devices that ensure high-quality content.

By reducing the complexity of designing, managing and programming content to a basic routine, it is easy to deploy your Digital Signage. The Heuvelman Solutions Portal has an intuitive user menu and extensive options for content and playlist management. In the detailed library you will find the design tools for formatting content in an easy-to-navigate interface. With the scheduler you can quickly create playlists via the drag-and-drop menu. These useful benefits ultimately reduce the total time and costs for content management.

Heuvelman - Digital Signage

Internal communication

Internal communication is crucial. It is therefore important to actively promote your news. With Digital Signage you can reach your visitors and employees proactively. The Heuvelman Solutions Portal brings Business Content to life through an intuitive and user-friendly working environment. Create different types of relevant messages from different sources to display real-time content.

Easily inform employees about economic, financial, and social objectives, special developments, product introductions, company outings and birthdays. Consideration can also be given to informing employees about events, promotions, work schedules, safety regulations and points for attention.

You can welcome and refer visitors with a personal message and you can provide information about the activities, core values and objectives of your company. You also increase the visitor experience and make the waiting time more enjoyable by showing live feeds with the latest news, weather forecast and traffic information.


Digital Signage is often used for signposting and room referral. It provides a professional, modern appearance and increases the visitor experience and service level.

Heuvelman has been working for years for various museums, meeting and conference locations, hotels and sports facilities. In addition, the Solutions Portal is a product that has been developed in-house, which means that Heuvelman is able to directly incorporate the practical experience into our solutions and we can deliver fully customised solutions. In addition to standard signage, we are happy to advise you on the most advanced customised displays that can show highly targeted, temporary and content adapted to specific places.

Digital Signage - Heuvelman

Digital Advertising

Customer experience is becoming increasingly important. By offering a unique customer experience you can distinguish yourself and entice the consumer to make the purchase from you. Digital Signage has a high attention value, has stopping power and increases conversion. That is why more and more poster boards, banners and advertising printed matter are being replaced by digital solutions. With Digital Signage you save on printing costs and you are many times more flexible. It is possible to alternately display different advertising messages and adjust them to the time of day and to current events.

Typical applications for Digital Signage in hotels, for example, are screens at the entrance or at the coffee machine to inform customers about the possibilities of breakfast, laundry/ironing service, WiFi access, ticket sales for theater, amusement park or event, check-out and loyalty programs.

Multi platform

For a perfect omnichannel or multi-platform experience you can combine Digital Signage very well with your other systems. This includes room reservation systems, workplace management, stock management systems, etc. This gives your displays various functions.

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