Municipality of Gooise Meren

Metamorphosis of council chamber at Gooise Meren

The opening of the new Gooise Meren town hall was recently celebrated. As part of the total metamorphosis, Heuvelman furnished the council chamber with the latest techniques in the field of sound and vision.

Most modern council chamber in the region

The renovation of the council chamber has resulted in a fresh and modern look. This space was equipped with new furniture and innovative techniques (such as the Cmeets software) to be able to broadcast the council meetings and political evenings live via the internet. The public can now attend a council meeting at any time and from any device. The events in the council chamber can also be followed from the public gallery (with 30 seats) on the large screen in the auditorium. The council chamber is also equipped with an extra fixed camera and new furniture for the mayor and clerk.

Cmeets; the ultimate software solution

The modern council chamber of Gooise Meren uses the Cmeets software solution. Cmeets is a fully automated and easy-to-use digital all-in-one conference solution. This allows meetings to be recorded, streamed, prepared and managed. The system also registers the participants.

This solution allows you to control the cameras and microphones. The name is automatically displayed and a list of speakers and queues is created. Changing a participant’s seat is very easy thanks to the drag function. No cables and different systems are needed. With the user-friendly interface, the municipality of Gooise Meren can manage its meeting on a PC, laptop or even tablet.

"As part of the total metamorphosis, Heuvelman set up the council chamber with the latest techniques in the field of sound and vision."

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