Council Chamber

Safe and efficient audiovisual facilities

Are you looking for safe and efficient audiovisual facilities for your council chamber? Heuvelman can provide you with good advice and a suitable solution. Heuvelman is an experience expert in the field of permanent audiovisual facilities for municipal institutions. You can count on Heuvelman for the complete audiovisual design of rooms such as state and council rooms and meeting rooms. We are happy to advise you on how your town hall can organise its spaces more efficiently and innovatively with appropriate equipment and how to make optimum use of this.

Total solution for your council chamber

We can provide you with a total solution for your council chamber. Examples include a discussion system, a camera tracking system, the sound installation, live streaming options and microphones. We base our working method on our many years of experience. With our systems your speakers are clear and clearly understood and data is stored in a secure, digital environment.

Support during events

Our organisation can also provide the technology for events that take place both internally and externally for municipal institutions. Heuvelman specialises in providing image, light and sound during events, but also in the creation of content and the development of audiovisual concepts that take your event, or that of your client, to a higher level.


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