Maximising knowledge transfer with audiovisual solutions

Heuvelman has extensive experience in the field of permanent audiovisual facilities for teaching rooms. Light, sound and vision play a major role in the way knowledge is transferred in colleges and universities. Auditoria must be provided with good audiovisual facilities in order to not only stimulate but also maximise knowledge transfer. You can turn to Heuvelman for advice on setting up your auditorium. We already have many years of experience in this, and we base our advice on this experience.

Supporting teacher and student

We find the most suitable solutions for you that support the transfer of knowledge from teacher to student. Our organisation is happy to advise you on how your educational institution can better organize its spaces with appropriate equipment and make optimum use of audiovisual resources within education. In addition to total furnishing, you can come to us for the purchase of systems for, for example, live streaming, control, camera and interactive voting systems.

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E-learning: investing in the future

Lessons will be followed more and more often through webcasting. This is caused by the increasing demand for high-quality education at low costs in combination with the need for students to be able to organise their time flexibly. Buildings and spaces are therefore expected to be arranged in such a way that they are very flexible and in line with these developments. The teacher is supposed to be able to independently provide a webcast. Rooms are ideally fully automated so that all equipment is ready at the touch of a button.

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