Audio and videoconferencing

Easy and fast communication without limitations

  • In accordance with the “new way of working”
  • Meet directly without the cost and time of travelling
  • Built-in system or plug-and-play is possible

Audio and video conferences enable you to communicate with the world in an easy and cheap manner. As the system is easy to operate, you can start a conference call anytime, anywhere. Want to know more about the system and its possibilities? Read more about the applications below.

What is audio and video conferencing?

Audio and video conferencing has increased in popularity the past few years due to the developments in the field of the Internet and faster connections. The use of computers, screens, microphones and/or cameras allows easy and cost-efficient communication between colleagues, industry peers and other experts from all over the world.

How does it work?

Heuvelman can install a built-in audio or video conferencing system your boardroom, providing you with the opportunity to start a meeting at any time. Furthermore, you can choose a plug-and-play system, which gives each mobile device access to the screen that displays the conference. That way, anyone can hold an audio or video conference at any time.

The advantages

Audio and video conferencing is part of the “new way of working”, which means using technical solutions in order to work more efficiently. This solution saves you both time and money. Moreover, it encourages collaboration, as it is now easier to consult with colleagues spread across different locations.

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