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Temporary audiovisual services | Event Services

Heuvelman is specialized in sound, vision and light during events. To bring your event to a higher level you can also contact us for content creation and audiovisual concepts. Our organization executes rental projects for (international) business, hotel industry, event locations, government, education, and sports.

As a total solutions partner Heuvelman can provide you with all audiovisual facilities. For example, company presentations, shareholder meetings, events, and conferences. Our working method is based on years of experience and a complete knowledge of the market and our business.

We also have professional studios at our head office in IJsselstein. Our studios are equipped with fully equipt to organize and stream your event, training, workshop, or webinar.

Our team of production-managers and technicians are fully attuned to each other and have a lot of knowledge and experience with event locations and event-streaming solutions. We take the (im)possibilities into account of the audiovisual solutions at your location so that unforeseen circumstances can be prevented. This ensures good advice and saves you time and costs.

At Heuvelman we believe that a wide range of technical skills is the foundation of any technician but that we make a difference with the soft skills of our employees. Therefor we selected staff on their personality, attitude, flexibility, motivation and manners.. All Heuvelman technicians are VCA qualified,have a certificate of conduct (VOG) , signed a confidentiality agreement, and speak several languages including Dutch and English.

Fixed audiovisual solutions | Fixed Solutions

Heuvelman is thé specialist in providing permanent audiovisual solutions. You can contact Heuvelman for a complete audiovisual design for auditoriums, lectures, council halls, meeting and training rooms, boardrooms, and control rooms.

In addition to equipping for generic rooms you can contact us for advise on the New Way of Working such asvideo-conferencing, digital signage, room reservation, smart building management and control, discussion, and camera systems. Heuvelman is an authorized dealer of most premium brands and takes an independent position.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you also offer solutions for the new way of working?

Heuvelman is an expert in the field of permanent audiovisual solutions. You can contact our organization to design and install auditoriums, lecture and council halls, meeting and training rooms, board and control rooms. Also, for the installation of specific systems for digital signage, video conferencing, or room reservation.

We offer innovative solutions for your AV and ICT development. We are currently seeing a trend that organization are looking for more flexibly. The New Way of Working is a vision that has excited us for some time but is more than ever a necessity because ofCOVID-19. Working from home or independently from place and time is becoming the new standard.. For many organizations this means a quick and unexpected introduction of flexible working. We also help companies with building management and interactive floor plans for room management.

What is Heuvelman’s work method?

Heuvelman has many technicians who professionally fulfill your new installation under the guidance of an experienced project manager. Installation is always carried out according to a plan of action.

The installation is managed in good cooperation and harmony with other suppliers. As a total solutions partner, Heuvelman designs the entire audiovisual installation and provides advice based on the requirements and wishes that you, as a client, has submitted. Before the actual installation takes place, the equipment is checked after arrival by the professionals at Heuvelman and assembled as much as possible to limit the “nuisance” on location.

Do you also offer solutions to reach my target group during COVID-19?

Heuvelman can provide all technologies for events that take place at your event location. The specialties of Heuvelman are to provide sound, vision and light during events, but also to create content and develop audiovisual concepts that will lift your event to a higher level.

We currently provide solutions to allow customers to continue their event or webinar by using streaming technology. We use special content creation like augmented reality to bring your fully customized and branded digital event platform to life.

Are there any examples of great streaming solutions?

Heuvelman is familiar with most event locations, and we have already been able to organize beautiful hybrid events within these locations,such as KPN 'Digital Dutch Goes Digital' and VVD congress in the Jaarbeurs. And of course we have also received many of our customers in our own fully equipped studios in IJsselstein.