By combining more than 50 years of experience with reliable suppliers and A-brand products, Heuvelman delivers high-quality installations. To help you get started, Heuvelman provides three months of aftercare for the entire installation. So you can put your installation to the test with confidence. If something unexpected happens or there are still a few 'teething problems' our team is ready for you.

Service Level Agreement

Maintenance agreement

Heuvelman is happy to help you manage your installation. By using an asset database supplemented by condition measurements, you know exactly which equipment you have on location and in what state it is. And with periodic maintenance, Heuvelman ensures a reliable installation that performs optimally.

Risks can be kept to a minimum. Despite this, a device may fail or perform poorly on occasion. Our help desk and breakdown technicians offer you 24/7 service within your chosen response time. When it comes to business-critical equipment, as one of the largest and most experienced audiovisual service providers, Heuvelman has a wide range of equipment in stock to provide you with an alternative immediately. This allows you to return to the job right away.

Heuvelman offers different forms of service where you choose the desired level.

Lite Premium Excellent
Guaranteed response time Best effort Next business day ≤ 4 hours
Call-out costs corrective maintenance
Labour cost corrective maintenance
Loan equipment
Annual preventive maintenance
Reporting and advice
Annual evaluation

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More about Heuvelman

Preventief onderhoud

Preventive maintenance

Maintaining equipment reduces the chance of malfunctions and the equipment generally lasts longer. Maintenance is especially required for filters, cooling or rotating parts. In addition, firmware updates are becoming increasingly important to be able to continue to meet the experience of your users and security.

Correctief onderhoud

Corrective maintenance

In addition to telephone assistance and remote support, Heuvelman has certified fault technicians for locating and repairing technical problems or malfunctions at your location. If hardware is defective and cannot be repaired by maintenance, a repair will be required. We handle the entire process with a factory guarantee. Even after the guarantee, Heuvelman has good agreements with its suppliers to keep lead times to a minimum.


Condition measurement

For condition measurement of buildings, sites and installations, the state of maintenance in the Netherlands is measured in compliance with the NEN 2767 standard. This measurement is limited to "building" installations, which is why Heuvelman has developed its own methodology over the years based on NEN 2767 and elaborated on the basis of experience that we gain every day throughout the country.

The condition measurement is done by means of a recorded measurement and registration method. The technician determines the possible defects using a type of 'checklist' for every device, installation and every detail. Combining these objectively established characteristics leads to a condition score.

Rapportage en advies

Reporting and advice

Every year you receive a report with the results of the maintenance and the condition measurement. The report outlines potential risks and advice is given about the expected maintenance costs and possible solutions.

Heuvelman believes in transparent cooperation in which set goals are achieved. At the same time, we know that KPIs achieved do not guarantee a satisfied customer. Personal contact in the form of periodic consultation is therefore essential. Together we discuss how the service delivered is experienced and whether this matches reports and results achieved.

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