“Changing in times of a virus”

- John Lacroix

John Lacroix

Heuvelman is known within the industry as a provider of audio-visual facilities – image, light, and sound – for both temporary and permanent use. We offer four different services: rental of temporary AV-installations, sale of permanent AV-installations, Content Design & Software for AV-installations, and Service & Maintenance for sales. To provide insight into all these components, we set up a large Experience Room at our head office where each (potential) client can see and experience the various services we offer.

In this newsletter an interview with John Lacroix, manager of the Content Design department. John Lacroix advises customers with streaming and video meeting solutions that we now offer a lot on location with our customers and in our Experience Room.

How is Heuvelman doing now?

“It is an unreal time in which our fixed installations and Service & Maintenance department continue to work well to provide companies with fixed installations and to provide lasting service. Unfortunately, our rental department is mostly closed because events are prohibited until 1 September. I say, for the most part, because we see an increase in online video meetings and streaming requests, thankfully!

These requests come from companies, the government, and many municipalities. These are great opportunities for Heuvelman again!”

What demand from the market have you seen, and what is getting to you during this period?

“We get a lot of questions from many different industries about going online with a meeting, the safety of an online meeting, and how the various options work. The questions are coming, for example, from the municipalities that want to safely invest those council meetings from home, but with all the functionalities that we provide in a council chamber. Shareholders meetings must be held partly physically and partly online, but with the possibility of shareholders voting.

Many companies also want to keep communicating with their customers and are looking for solutions to organize that, as events currently take a different form.”

How do you deal with this?

“Our passion lies in advising our customers on the audio-visual possibilities that are available, delivering the right applications for the issue, and guiding the customer to a successful (online) event. I think this has become even more important at this time. We have developed beautiful solutions for the many questions we receive that match the customer’s demand. If a solution is not completely appropriate for the problem, our programmers will adjust it.

These elements make advising and guiding the customer great work. Much has changed in the form and approach of advice and guidance. Almost all conversations with customers are video meetings with often associated online demos. But the output on the work floor has also changed considerably with the 1,5m rules for our technicians, speakers, and the hand gel that is standard for location.”

How can we help companies from Heuvelman?

“Heuvelman can provide many solutions, such as event streaming, hybrid events, where the location can organize an event with 1,5m rules for the participants and the rest of the visitors are present online, webinars, General member or shareholder meetings. We look at the best solution for each application and how it is easy to realize and implement. My function is to advise customers in this and devise the solutions and translate them into a quote. It is very nice that people respond positively to these solutions!

But also think of fixed solutions on location. We have noticed that many companies are taking time to look at their design and find solutions that contribute to the quality of their meeting environment. Or find an interior for their auditoriums, lecture and council rooms, and board and control rooms.”