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Futuristic new building in Leusden

AFAS Software is a Dutch family business with a focus on their customers and inspiring entrepreneurs and their own employees. The very fitting motto of this progressive company is also “inspires better entrepreneurship”. Due to the enormous growth that AFAS is experiencing, there was a need for more space for employees as well as for customers and visitors to the company. This immediately offered a unique opportunity to build a new building, which not only serves as office space, but also offers a special experience to everyone who visits the building.

Futuristic design

The new building at Inspiratielaan in Leusden is not only a workplace, it is an experience centre. In order to meet the expectation that the name evokes, the building must be perfect at the audiovisual level. AFAS has therefore decided to enter into a partnership with Heuvelman.

Heuvelman will facilitate all audiovisual technology in the building from A to Z. Heuvelman will hang digital signage screens in the spacious lobby. The space will also be provided with an interactive map and beacons. Speakers and an LED screen will be installed at the outdoor sports rooms to keep track of any scores. Permanent installations will be installed for the meeting rooms in the building, including audio and video. In the restaurant section, where there is room for 700 people, a curved LED is placed and there are puncture points for chargers. All in all, the entire building is equipped with the most up-to-date technology in order to be able to offer the ultimate experience to their colleagues, guests and visitors.

Fixed Solutions for AFAS

In this collaboration, Heuvelman is not only responsible for the permanent installations in the new building on the Inspiratielaan in Leusden, but also for the audiovisual support during events. Heuvelman has already been allowed to act during the AFAS Succestival, a free knowledge festival for AFAS managers with the aim of enabling them to get the most out of themselves and the AFAS software. And also for the third King Willem I lecture and the King Willem I dinner. This last event took place in the new AFAS building, which was still under construction at that time. The challenge was, together with AFAS, to transform the construction site into a star location.

As Heuvelman we are proud to be a partner of such a special organisation and that we can represent all our disciplines here. We look forward to a long, close cooperation.

"As Heuvelman we are proud to be able to be a partner of such a unique organisation and to be able to represent all our disciplines here."

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