Custom Content and Software

Innovation, design, and ease of use are central to us

Do you want your visitors or employees to have the correct information that also looks visually appealing? Or are you looking for an innovative way of communication within your location or during your event?

Heuvelman strongly believes in the power of content to enable its clients to achieve their communication goals. Our content designers are engaged in creating content and developing concepts for both events and fixed audiovisual solutions. Innovation, design, and ease of use form the starting point for achieving unique and relevant content and ideas.

Custom Content

On the one hand, the Heuvelman content design department creates suitable content for your event. Think of the content that you can see on the screens during your event. Our content designers, in consultation with you, ensure optimal digital communication during your event.

On the other hand, we develop innovative audiovisual concepts that add an extra dimension to your meeting and or events—for example, virtual reality and the development of apps. But also camera registration with which live images are broadcast directly on screens. The images can then also be edited simultaneously for a video report.

Custom Software

Heuvelman not only supplies hardware but also makes content for permanent solutions, for example, for narrowcasting, 360-degree visualization, time-lapse, and corporate films. With the extensive Solutions Portal of Heuvelman (HMSL), we offer tailor-made solutions for companies in every environment.

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