VVD Live


This year’s VVD festival took place in a different form because of the COVID-19. Together with Heuvelman Sound & Vision B.V. and United, it became a live broadcast. A live solution that fits nowadays.

Live event, long-range

Live from Rotterdam Ahoy, Heuvelman was able to provide the technical production. Together with UNITED we ensured an optimal camera registration and a connection to the office of the VVD. From this office, Prime Minister Mark Rutte came into the broadcast via a video connection. Heuvelman was also allowed to supply the various screens. The online visitors were visible on these screens. In general, 51,000 viewers attended the live broadcast.

Multiple LED screens were used for the broadcast. The screens on the back were showing instars and visuals. The screens on the side were used to bring in the online visitors, who were also shown during the broadcast.

Hybrid events

Webinars, live streaming of your event, or a (hybrid) shareholders meeting, everything is possible with our help.

Streaming solutions are now more important than ever to keep your event going. Live streaming ensures that those who are not present can still follow your event. Live content is an essential part. Followers of your social media channels will get a notification when the channel goes online. Even when your followers are not online, they receive information.

Together we will find a suitable solution to achieve a successful digital live event. The impact equal to a physical event, and a reach probably higher.

VVD streaming

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