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Corendon transports Boeing 747 from Schiphol to hotel garden

Tuesday the 5th of februari 2019 was the day the long-awaited dream of Corendon CEO Atilay Uslu came true. At 22:00 the starting signal was given to move a real Boeing 747 to the hotel garden of the Corendon Village Hotel in Amsterdam. This special moment was fully captured and streamed live by Heuvelman.

Months of preparation

Such a huge operation takes a lot of time and preparation. For months consideration was given to how the huge aircraft could be transported from Schiphol to the hotel garden. Transport giant Mammoet was asked to take charge of this unique and exciting project. Their biggest challenge was driving the 60-meter-wide aircraft through the 51-meter-wide entrance to the hotel garden: a space shortage of more than 9 metres. However, due to Mammoet’s expertise, this went smoothly. The live stream was followed by thousands to experience these exciting moments.

Lots of interest from fans

The proposition from Corendon Hotels & Resorts to make a control room available for a select group so that they could follow the entire process down to the second was explored in depth. Corendon’s meeting rooms were linked together and a total of five large projection screens were used to provide the select group with real-time information about the Boeing’s journey, including the live stream and the GPS location of the vehicle.

Livestream of the event

Unfortunately, Correndon was unable to make a space free for all fans and thoses interested for the livestream in the control room. In order to allow everyone to enjoy this historic moment, a live stream was set up. Corendon knew that they had to approach a professional and knowledgeable partner for this and Heuvelman was delighted when we were asked whether we could take care of this and manage it. Thousands watched when the vehicle was driven over the A9 and over the polder. Many eyes were watching the final trip of this Boeing 747. Heuvelman is very proud to have been able to play such a monumental role in streaming this special moment.

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