Live from the Jaarbeurs with online attendees

For 20 years, the NWO (The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research) organized the event: Bessensap. The online edition of Bessensap took place on Friday, June 12, 2020. Streamed live from the Jaarbeurs, but with all attendees at home. More than 400 journalists, press officers, researchers, and other guests were logged in to follow the program. Tens of scientists presented their research to online visitors. Journalists and scientists got to know each other through Bessensap.

Presenting live and bonding digitally

Bessensap used a digital platform. The presenters were in the Jaarbeurs, who presented to the 400 attendees. These attendees were allowed to network and follow the presentations from home.

The participants were able to exchange digital business cards during the broadcast. If the recipient accepted it, you could chat, or you could make video calls together.

In addition to this option, there was the possibility to request a “speed date” with a speaker. This “speed date” was possible for 10 minutes.

Just like at a real event, lunch was served together. You could reserve a place at the digital lunch table, and the guests could chat about the video meeting during lunch.

Bessensap 2020 was an online event with the feeling of a live event.


Heuvelman has transformed a room in the Jaarbeurs into a luxury studio. We provided the lighting but also the stream. This stream took place in the plenary room and three other studios.

Using the “ask a question” module, people could ask questions during the sessions. These questions were collected by a moderator and prosecute to the speakers.

A 4 camera director was used in the plenary room. A total of 6 technicians were present and operational during the event.

A countdown clock was used for the start of Bessensap. This 10-minute clock counted down while animations were shown to make waiting more pleasant.

Bessensap event

Streaming solutions

Heuvelman is your dependable partner for realizing webinars, live streaming of your event, or a (hybrid) shareholder meeting.

Streaming solutions are now more important than ever to keep your event going. Live streaming ensures that those who are not present still can follow your event. Live content plays an essential role in this. Followers of your company on your social media channels receive a notification when the channel they follow goes online. Even if your followers are not online, they will receive a notification from your company.
We will work with you to find the right solution to achieve a successful digital live event with an impact equal to a physical event with probably a greater reach.

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