Pieter van den Hoogenband swimming pool

New sound and evacuation installation for Eindhoven swimming pool

The Tongelreep has been one of the most succesful, international swimming centres for years. Swimmers, including world champions and Olympic medal winners, leave for the Eindhoven swimming pool to conquer a place on the podium. During these types of events, it is very important that sound and evacuation systems work properly.

Sound quality upgrade

Heuvelman was invited to install a permanent sound installation in the Pieter van den Hoogenband swimming pool in Eindhoven. During this project, various factors had to be taken into account, such as applying the right materials due to the presence of chlorine vapors, echoing in the space and reaching both the audience in the stands and the swimmers in the water.

Safety a priority of the Tongelreep

Safety is an important priority for the success of the Tongelreep. A reliable evacuation system is therefore of great importance. The expertise and knowledge of the Heuvelman team and its partners came in very handy during the preliminary investigation and installation. First of all, an extensive investigation was carried out in line with the requirements and wishes for the new system. Soon, the choice fell on a combination of Exentro products. These products have excellent quality and have the necessary certifications.

The total solution works fully as expected and is adapted to the situation in the Tongelreep. The factors that play a role, such as reflection, have been taken into account.

“The integration of the installation was a technically challenging job due to the arrangement of the central evacuation equipment across multiple locations in the building and the connection to an existing part of it. In addition, the safety of visitors and staff had to be guaranteed during the conversion period with a working evacuation system. This gave an extra dimension to the planning and implementation and could only be taken home when the installation was left working despite the impactful conversion.

In the overall project, the expertise, experience and not least the commitment of the Heuvelman employees were excellently expressed to achieve this in accordance with the agreements made and we, as the client, are very satisfied with the progress and end result.”

- Marc Bax , Coordinator Installation Technology at the Municipality of Eindhoven.

Heuvelman thinks it is wonderful that we can work together with such an innovative party and help realise their ambitions for the future as a strategic partner in business.

"In the total project the expertise, experience and not least the commitment of the Heuvelman employees was clearly demonstrated in order to achieve this project in compliance with the agreements made."

- Marc Bax, Coordinator Installation Technology at the Municipality of Eindhoven

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