Heuvelman continuously strives for the optimum quality of its services. Our constant pursuit of excellence means that our partners rate us with an 8.5. Every day we are ready with a team of professionals to work on the success of our partners and to strengthen communication.

To achieve our excellent service, we have decided to set up a branch association and to obtain various certifications.

Association of System Integrators (VSI)

The VSI is a trade association of audiovisual installers. All members meet requirements in the field of independence, continuity and expertise. Not only are we affiliated with this industry association, but we have also co-founded it to guarantee expertise in our industry.

VCA certified

VCA is a versatile and independent agency that service providers objectively and structurally assess against safety, health and environment requirements. Heuvelman fully meets the requirements set by the VCA.

ISO 9001

Heuvelman has been ISO 9001 certified since 2016. This is an international standard that sets requirements for the quality management system of an organisation. Increasing customer satisfaction is central to this.

ISO 14001

Heuvelman has not only been ISO 9001 certified since 2016, but also ISO 14001. This certificate confirms that our organisation values the environment and measures and reduces its impact.

NEN 3140 standaard

Maintenance of the AV equipment is performed within Heuvelman in compliance with the NEN 3140 standard. This is the Dutch standard for safe management of activities with electric equipment. This also means that all preventive, corrective and periodic testings on AV equipment, carried out by our service professionals,is carried out in compliance with current NEN standards. Our NEN 2654 certification is supplementary to this. This assures you that your evacuation installation meets the strictest requirements.

VOG statement and hospitality training

All our employees have a Certificate of Good Conduct. They are aware of their duty of confidentiality and speak both Dutch and English. Our technical staff receives hospitality training each year so that they are ultimately prepared for their duties. This way we like to make a difference and we serve you with excellence.

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