Working on the world of tomorrow

As a modern company, Heuvelman sees Corporate Social Responsibility as an essential part of its business operations. Our ambition is to have an effect on the world of tomorrow. On the one hand by making our customers successful through innovations and the latest audiovisual techniques. On the other hand, by addressing our responsibility for society and the environment.

Sustainable development within Heuvelman

Heuvelman views entrepreneurship as more just than making a profit. Good entrepreneurship also contributes to a better society in which the people and environment are equally as important as earning money. A good balance between these three factors is an important characteristic of good entrepreneurship. Some examples of sustainable development within Heuvelman are our solar panels of which there are over 500, the expansion and replacement of our fleet with more efficient, electric cars and the training courses that we make available to our staff, enabling them to achieve growth in their knowledge and skills.

Social return

Social return means that employment is made available for groups with poor job prospects. This target group can then participate to the best of its ability and it creates additional productivity that would otherwise remain unused. Heuvelman considers its role in this important and gives everyone the opportunity to gain work experience. Not only can this target group learn something from Heuvelman, but Heuvelman is fully open to learning from our employees. That way we make each other stronger.


In the context of the social aspects, our organisation has made a selection from a large number of charities to which we are happy to contribute. The choice fell on organisations that fit well with our corporate philosophy. Within this context, Heuvelman has a collaboration with the Richard Krajicek Foundation and Enactus. In the partnership, Heuvelman is responsible for the audiovisual support of the events organised by these organizations.

Heuvelman opted to have its social policy assessed by an independent, external party: EcoVadis. When a company is certified by EcoVadis, it shows that it actually carries out the activities that it reports.

Technology bridges distances

In Heuvelman's vision, users of audiovisual solutions will increasingly focus on collaboration in the coming years; facilities that ensure that participants can work together independently. New technologies make it possible to share information and edit together remotely, making collaboration easier and making traveling a thing of the past.

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